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I have, on occasion, attempted to explain, in simple terms, how all this works  – Think about a rubber band, it is circular it does not have a beginning, or an end  – it follows its’ own predetermined path, that is, provided nothing is done to affect, or alter that course!

Here is the miraculous aspect, if you pull, twist, or stretch, the path of the rubber band, it will upon release, return to its natural form.  If force is used, if tension is created, then the action of returning to the natural path, can take a volatile form, seem violent, or disruptive!

However, consider – Did nature, the natural order, some greater power cause, the twist, the stretch, the pull, or did you!

Free choice, in and of its’ own aspect, is the ability to re-shape, or alter the pre-set course of this journey we call life, but eventually the forces, those attributed to determining  destiny, will not be denied – thus the rubber band will, once released from external control, return to the natural, non-resistant path, but you must let this happen, not attempt to control it!


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