Car-Ma vs Karma

Car-Ma VS Karma

Car-Ma VS Karma

In this, at times, extremely confusing environment which we call NOW,  there are many voices speaking out – not all are consistent with gaining self-enlightenment, personal power, or spiritual peace.

As anyone following this blog knows, I am a fan of the analogy – I believe that truth often hides in the space between the words.

The title “Car-Ma vs Karma presents a conflict in meanings, but not so much, in context.

The Car Ma, or the Mother, who runs the car service, the Ma, who always offers to drive and deliver … we all appreciate the willingness to serve others.   However, when you are in Ma’s car, you put yourself in the hands of Ma!

The Car-Ma, is interacting with the world around you, and actions bring about affect.

Although the riders are in a sense, safe and secure, allowing Car-Ma to determine the path, and the influences which all are experiencing, subsequently they’re volunteering to be a victim of another’s actions, or choice.

Karma, on the other hand, is about YOU, you are the driver, you make choice.

You decide when, and where to travel, turn, or stop. Every action is a catalyst to yet another action, reaction, or outcome. Karma is about starting a wave of energy flowing – the direction, the impact, and the flavor (positive or negative), are all controlled by YOU.

As there is a reason for all things, there is a reason, at this particular time, for addressing this subject.  Many voices are rising from the secular circles.    Not all are speaking to one’s benefit, as much as they encourage surrender of one’s free choice.    Remember, free choice is one of the few things no man can take from you, but a resource which you can, sometimes unwittingly, surrender.


I had the occasion recently to discover a teaching program, suggesting self-empowerment through Devine Acceptance by way of establishing a Devine Path – As is my nature, I explored before making assumptions – “Never judge a book by its cover -right!    The teachings supported relinquishing all worldly association, materialism, self-gratification, and self-guidance in exchange for unshakable faith, in the power of faith, and stood solidly on the assertion that there is no truth in the concepts of Karma – that you can relinquish all responsibility to a Deity – and if you give yourself openly, all of life’s difficulties will disappear.    I find common elements of control within just those statements, just as they are.

I do not suggest, nor proclaim, that the Idea of a Creator(s), is incorrect, wrong, or without merit, far from that, I believe in a higher power, I do not however suppose that such exists in the context of the human condition. I do not place the nature of human behaviors, nor do I attempt to label such an essence, I simply lend personal acceptance to the idea!

I do however, challenge the concept that any human, regardless of any stated gift, or ability, can exclusively provide, barter for, or sell such an Omnipotent Deity’s accessibility, or special consideration.   To the absolute contrary, I believe we all must initiate, and secure that alliance one on one, and ironically, the only cost, is that of a single choice!

Long ago, the presentation of organized religious doctrines dictated that in order to be SAVED, you needed to surrender to a Deity – to trust, have faith, and never question. And, if one failed, that was ok, one just needed to re-commit, and all would be forgiven. I am driven to state emphatically that I disagree, as this approach constitutes social manipulation, utilizing, unsubstantiated dogma as a process for implementing controls, it provides platforms for singular power to be established.


The concept of religious commitment bases itself upon the idea of non-responsibility, an individual’s get-out-of-jail-free type posture – “the deity has a plan, all things are predetermined, and provided you stay firmly committed, you will always be forgiven, never held accountable.

However, remember Car-ma? In a manner, this is like religion, you surrender all choice, and/or responsibility to the power behind the wheel -and as such, if there is an accident, you are not at fault, but you are subject to being a victim of the situation.

To suggest that ALL things are subject to the ideas of an intelligent design scenario, to which you have no control – that a plan is in motion, and one either gets on-board, or risks getting run over, is a bit unsettling.

Life, your life, is not a toll-road, with someone else collecting the price for access. Life is a journey – your journey – and the actions you take, the choices that you make become the map associated with the journey. To suggest that any of us, upon surrendering to total faith in a Deity, no longer carries the burden of responsibility for the out-come brought about by our actions, or in-action, is simply naïve.

If you drive the wrong way on the highway, and as such causing chaos, or collision, how do you make that the natural pre-determined occurrence, and the will of a named Deity?    It was you who picked the path, the direction, and rate of travel, no one will accept that this was the greater will of the Deity, and the Deity will never suffer the consequences, but you will!

Robert St. Cloud – ‘17

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