A Free Will

A Free Will

By Robert St. Cloud

There has been much discussion lately, about Hatred, about Love, and worldly events… much finger pointing … a lot of calls to action “Love everybody” say those who demand acceptance – without consensus, inclusion without compromise … sorry, I cannot agree to that, how can I love someone I don’t know, they may in fact, wish me harm, or simply are not worthy of emotional efforts, but, perhaps, we could all begin by exercising Tolerance – you have heard the phrase “Live and let Live”.

It seems that we, as people – parts of the Human species, all, at time, have this idea, that even Nature is targeting each of us personally …95 percent of all things individually experienced, are anything but personal! Remember, everybody else, is just trying to live their lives, the problem is, most don’t consider YOU, and the fact that LIVES bump into one another, is not personal, it is just life – don’t like – then ignore – don’t agree – don’t follow – feel fear from social actions – choose to stay home!

Everybody deserves the privilege of surviving, even if their approach is different ….

In 60 plus years on this planet, I have witnessed many wonderment, suffered many inconveniences, but one thing that has stood through all, is that arguments over ideals, seldom result in positive change – but a visible demonstration – unfettered, unyielding demonstration of conviction, generally served better to encourage change – We call people out for being Haters, and then profess our hatred of those people – is One hater, any different than another?

It seems, and I say this with a sense of self-pity, that the American peoples are on the brink of losing what little humanity, self-respect, and tolerance which may, yet remain.
The immense amount of distasteful name calling, absurd allegations, and downright bigotry, displayed, is disheartening!

Perhaps there needs to be a few facts laid-out on the table… First and foremost – No Politician is your friend, they are all out solely for themselves, the power they can gain, and/or to serve the interest of the big dollar supporters who line their pockets – Not Mr. Obama, not Mr. or Mrs. Clinton, Not Mr. Rubio or Cruse, Not Mr. Sanders, or any Bush – none …

Keep in mind, any, and all of them, would sell you, and the general-public, out for a free lunch, and little more – in a heartbeat!

To that you also need to come to understand that, there is truly no religious institution existing today which really cares about you beyond “How much capital they can extract from you” doing so through heavily practiced bias rhetoric, and shallow promises of salvation, or a better tomorrow.
Now I can already envision the scowls, and feel the draft created by your finger-pointing – go ahead, if it makes you feel better! But know, despite all of those who would label me a “Hater” – I hate no one!

It seems to me that the greater problem is, that those who point their fingers, and cry bigot, prejudice-er, and zealot, simply have not looked lately at themselves in the mirror, as the venom which they so willingly spray, makes them in-fact, no better than those they accuse – think about it!

Point of order, your political opinions, your religious beliefs, and your sexual peculiarities – are yours, to determine for you – as are mine for me to decide, this is the American way. However, if you choose to allow others to tell you what you should think, feel, or practice –well that is your privilege, but I would risk a bet on the fact that deep inside most actually know the difference from what’s right and good, and what is just wrong, and selfish, but most are just so needy for acceptance, too darn lazy, or too lacking in self-confidence to act on their own true nature.

What adds to the sadness of all this emotional minutia is that the “System Lords” the manipulators of Governance, Commerce, and Society have built their distribution control mechanisms upon just that belief, that you are incapable of self-direction, and that you – like the herd animal, will simply follow where they choose to lead!

Take a breath, relax for a moment. Now ponder – do you really believe in the things they suggest are better, in so much as being so for everyone? Are the things other people say so insulting, or is it that if what they say is right, then perhaps you might be wrong, and that is what really distresses you?

Consider, no one, wants to be thought a fool, yet the system we live in thrives on the premise of playing us all for fools – every candidate, salesperson, every advertisement, or commercial you encounter which states – you can’t continue, be happy or live to the fullest without the suggested product – is carefully designed to make you a fool! Is that who you desire to be, is that who you are – again think about it!

Oh, and just for kicks, try and play nice with the people you encounter, who knows, someday you may, actually need them too save your sorry self!
St. Cloud – 8/17

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