September Thoughts

September Thoughts

Greeting to you my friend.

From lessons long taught, we come to understand that “the Cycle must be maintained”, and as we follow the trends of life’s cycle, and those of the cosmos which seemingly affect us all, we come around now to a defining change in that cycle.

As we enter the waning days of both summer, and September, thoughts sway as we approach the Fall Equinox – a time which has been accredited to change on a grand scale.

Celestially, we note the transition from Virgo to Libra, from summer to autumn, however as these circumstances affect such trivial issues as wearing apparel, or how many blankets we put on the bed, the changes also can affect our attitude, and disposition.

In the Arcana realm, we are in the season of the Sword, and this is the time for action, a time for assertiveness, and a time for personal choice – ah choice, such a burden!

For those born under this house the choice is simple, and we can take from the symbolism of the Sword to gain insight.     Consider what the Sword represents, it is thought of as a weapon, and truly it is that, but it has differing personas, on one hand it is a tool for aggression, on another it is a tool of defense.

Yet in another posture it is a tool for both creation – representing the spade, or the axe, and as such a tool for alteration or destruction.    The quandary is in deciding which persona each of us will adopt as the nature of our character!

I believe there is a potent message here!    In olden days, the daily activities and demands upon a person where obvious as we entered the equinox, today however the applications are a bit more subtle.

As was the case in olden days much of the attention shifted from growing to harvesting, once harvest was complete the focus was in distribution or storage, and focus was also redirected from the broader perceptive to that of a closer observation – turning inward.

With autumn at hand one must consider the need for getting the preverbal house in order, in preparation for winter.     Perhaps now is a good time to review the personal situation, and determine if we are on the right path, pursuing the right course, essentially clarifying who we are, and where we are headed.    Even common sense suggests that we consider change, and the moving of the seasons, alterations in the climate, would make it seem as though now is the time to stand and make any needed adjustments.

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As always, it is my pleasure to serve as a guide striving to assist you – on your personal journey!


Through Life by design,

Robert St Cloud