September Thoughts

September Thoughts

Greeting to you my friend.

From lessons long taught, we come to understand that “the Cycle must be maintained”, and as we follow the trends of life’s cycle, and those of the cosmos which seemingly affect us all, we come around now to a defining change in that cycle.

As we enter the waning days of both summer, and September, thoughts sway as we approach the Fall Equinox – a time which has been accredited to change on a grand scale.

Celestially, we note the transition from Virgo to Libra, from summer to autumn, however as these circumstances affect such trivial issues as wearing apparel, or how many blankets we put on the bed, the changes also can affect our attitude, and disposition.

In the Arcana realm, we are in the season of the Sword, and this is the time for action, a time for assertiveness, and a time for personal choice – ah choice, such a burden!

For those born under this house the choice is simple, and we can take from the symbolism of the Sword to gain insight.     Consider what the Sword represents, it is thought of as a weapon, and truly it is that, but it has differing personas, on one hand it is a tool for aggression, on another it is a tool of defense.

Yet in another posture it is a tool for both creation – representing the spade, or the axe, and as such a tool for alteration or destruction.    The quandary is in deciding which persona each of us will adopt as the nature of our character!

I believe there is a potent message here!    In olden days, the daily activities and demands upon a person where obvious as we entered the equinox, today however the applications are a bit more subtle.

As was the case in olden days much of the attention shifted from growing to harvesting, once harvest was complete the focus was in distribution or storage, and focus was also redirected from the broader perceptive to that of a closer observation – turning inward.

With autumn at hand one must consider the need for getting the preverbal house in order, in preparation for winter.     Perhaps now is a good time to review the personal situation, and determine if we are on the right path, pursuing the right course, essentially clarifying who we are, and where we are headed.    Even common sense suggests that we consider change, and the moving of the seasons, alterations in the climate, would make it seem as though now is the time to stand and make any needed adjustments.

To take a deeper look at the direction or course of change affecting your life, please reach-out.  Private, personalized sessions can be scheduled by following the link below.


As always, it is my pleasure to serve as a guide striving to assist you – on your personal journey!


Through Life by design,

Robert St Cloud

A Free Will

A Free Will

By Robert St. Cloud

There has been much discussion lately, about Hatred, about Love, and worldly events… much finger pointing … a lot of calls to action “Love everybody” say those who demand acceptance – without consensus, inclusion without compromise … sorry, I cannot agree to that, how can I love someone I don’t know, they may in fact, wish me harm, or simply are not worthy of emotional efforts, but, perhaps, we could all begin by exercising Tolerance – you have heard the phrase “Live and let Live”.

It seems that we, as people – parts of the Human species, all, at time, have this idea, that even Nature is targeting each of us personally …95 percent of all things individually experienced, are anything but personal! Remember, everybody else, is just trying to live their lives, the problem is, most don’t consider YOU, and the fact that LIVES bump into one another, is not personal, it is just life – don’t like – then ignore – don’t agree – don’t follow – feel fear from social actions – choose to stay home!

Everybody deserves the privilege of surviving, even if their approach is different ….

In 60 plus years on this planet, I have witnessed many wonderment, suffered many inconveniences, but one thing that has stood through all, is that arguments over ideals, seldom result in positive change – but a visible demonstration – unfettered, unyielding demonstration of conviction, generally served better to encourage change – We call people out for being Haters, and then profess our hatred of those people – is One hater, any different than another?

It seems, and I say this with a sense of self-pity, that the American peoples are on the brink of losing what little humanity, self-respect, and tolerance which may, yet remain.
The immense amount of distasteful name calling, absurd allegations, and downright bigotry, displayed, is disheartening!

Perhaps there needs to be a few facts laid-out on the table… First and foremost – No Politician is your friend, they are all out solely for themselves, the power they can gain, and/or to serve the interest of the big dollar supporters who line their pockets – Not Mr. Obama, not Mr. or Mrs. Clinton, Not Mr. Rubio or Cruse, Not Mr. Sanders, or any Bush – none …

Keep in mind, any, and all of them, would sell you, and the general-public, out for a free lunch, and little more – in a heartbeat!

To that you also need to come to understand that, there is truly no religious institution existing today which really cares about you beyond “How much capital they can extract from you” doing so through heavily practiced bias rhetoric, and shallow promises of salvation, or a better tomorrow.
Now I can already envision the scowls, and feel the draft created by your finger-pointing – go ahead, if it makes you feel better! But know, despite all of those who would label me a “Hater” – I hate no one!

It seems to me that the greater problem is, that those who point their fingers, and cry bigot, prejudice-er, and zealot, simply have not looked lately at themselves in the mirror, as the venom which they so willingly spray, makes them in-fact, no better than those they accuse – think about it!

Point of order, your political opinions, your religious beliefs, and your sexual peculiarities – are yours, to determine for you – as are mine for me to decide, this is the American way. However, if you choose to allow others to tell you what you should think, feel, or practice –well that is your privilege, but I would risk a bet on the fact that deep inside most actually know the difference from what’s right and good, and what is just wrong, and selfish, but most are just so needy for acceptance, too darn lazy, or too lacking in self-confidence to act on their own true nature.

What adds to the sadness of all this emotional minutia is that the “System Lords” the manipulators of Governance, Commerce, and Society have built their distribution control mechanisms upon just that belief, that you are incapable of self-direction, and that you – like the herd animal, will simply follow where they choose to lead!

Take a breath, relax for a moment. Now ponder – do you really believe in the things they suggest are better, in so much as being so for everyone? Are the things other people say so insulting, or is it that if what they say is right, then perhaps you might be wrong, and that is what really distresses you?

Consider, no one, wants to be thought a fool, yet the system we live in thrives on the premise of playing us all for fools – every candidate, salesperson, every advertisement, or commercial you encounter which states – you can’t continue, be happy or live to the fullest without the suggested product – is carefully designed to make you a fool! Is that who you desire to be, is that who you are – again think about it!

Oh, and just for kicks, try and play nice with the people you encounter, who knows, someday you may, actually need them too save your sorry self!
St. Cloud – 8/17

Car-Ma vs Karma

Car-Ma VS Karma

Car-Ma VS Karma

In this, at times, extremely confusing environment which we call NOW,  there are many voices speaking out – not all are consistent with gaining self-enlightenment, personal power, or spiritual peace.

As anyone following this blog knows, I am a fan of the analogy – I believe that truth often hides in the space between the words.

The title “Car-Ma vs Karma presents a conflict in meanings, but not so much, in context.

The Car Ma, or the Mother, who runs the car service, the Ma, who always offers to drive and deliver … we all appreciate the willingness to serve others.   However, when you are in Ma’s car, you put yourself in the hands of Ma!

The Car-Ma, is interacting with the world around you, and actions bring about affect.

Although the riders are in a sense, safe and secure, allowing Car-Ma to determine the path, and the influences which all are experiencing, subsequently they’re volunteering to be a victim of another’s actions, or choice.

Karma, on the other hand, is about YOU, you are the driver, you make choice.

You decide when, and where to travel, turn, or stop. Every action is a catalyst to yet another action, reaction, or outcome. Karma is about starting a wave of energy flowing – the direction, the impact, and the flavor (positive or negative), are all controlled by YOU.

As there is a reason for all things, there is a reason, at this particular time, for addressing this subject.  Many voices are rising from the secular circles.    Not all are speaking to one’s benefit, as much as they encourage surrender of one’s free choice.    Remember, free choice is one of the few things no man can take from you, but a resource which you can, sometimes unwittingly, surrender.


I had the occasion recently to discover a teaching program, suggesting self-empowerment through Devine Acceptance by way of establishing a Devine Path – As is my nature, I explored before making assumptions – “Never judge a book by its cover -right!    The teachings supported relinquishing all worldly association, materialism, self-gratification, and self-guidance in exchange for unshakable faith, in the power of faith, and stood solidly on the assertion that there is no truth in the concepts of Karma – that you can relinquish all responsibility to a Deity – and if you give yourself openly, all of life’s difficulties will disappear.    I find common elements of control within just those statements, just as they are.

I do not suggest, nor proclaim, that the Idea of a Creator(s), is incorrect, wrong, or without merit, far from that, I believe in a higher power, I do not however suppose that such exists in the context of the human condition. I do not place the nature of human behaviors, nor do I attempt to label such an essence, I simply lend personal acceptance to the idea!

I do however, challenge the concept that any human, regardless of any stated gift, or ability, can exclusively provide, barter for, or sell such an Omnipotent Deity’s accessibility, or special consideration.   To the absolute contrary, I believe we all must initiate, and secure that alliance one on one, and ironically, the only cost, is that of a single choice!

Long ago, the presentation of organized religious doctrines dictated that in order to be SAVED, you needed to surrender to a Deity – to trust, have faith, and never question. And, if one failed, that was ok, one just needed to re-commit, and all would be forgiven. I am driven to state emphatically that I disagree, as this approach constitutes social manipulation, utilizing, unsubstantiated dogma as a process for implementing controls, it provides platforms for singular power to be established.


The concept of religious commitment bases itself upon the idea of non-responsibility, an individual’s get-out-of-jail-free type posture – “the deity has a plan, all things are predetermined, and provided you stay firmly committed, you will always be forgiven, never held accountable.

However, remember Car-ma? In a manner, this is like religion, you surrender all choice, and/or responsibility to the power behind the wheel -and as such, if there is an accident, you are not at fault, but you are subject to being a victim of the situation.

To suggest that ALL things are subject to the ideas of an intelligent design scenario, to which you have no control – that a plan is in motion, and one either gets on-board, or risks getting run over, is a bit unsettling.

Life, your life, is not a toll-road, with someone else collecting the price for access. Life is a journey – your journey – and the actions you take, the choices that you make become the map associated with the journey. To suggest that any of us, upon surrendering to total faith in a Deity, no longer carries the burden of responsibility for the out-come brought about by our actions, or in-action, is simply naïve.

If you drive the wrong way on the highway, and as such causing chaos, or collision, how do you make that the natural pre-determined occurrence, and the will of a named Deity?    It was you who picked the path, the direction, and rate of travel, no one will accept that this was the greater will of the Deity, and the Deity will never suffer the consequences, but you will!

Robert St. Cloud – ‘17

Open Blog – August

August News Letter

Greeting to you my friend.

Recently I have been focusing on the cosmic events which are occurring at present, from the luminous Red Moon to the soon to arrive meteor showers – drawing out, and defining the influences these events have on the human condition.

The most prevalent of these being the Moon cycles, and the pending arrival of the Perseids meteor shower – an annual event.

Such cosmic or heavenly events were for many millennium seen from an assortment of superstitious perspectives – an act of angry gods, or the coming of angels, a sign that the sky was falling, and the end was near.    However, science has since given us all a slightly less spooky perception, although most, even in the world of science, do suggest that this annual event is a sign, but one significant of change, change in solar position, and pending change in season.

For many centuries farmers have noted the passing of the Perseid as a sign to begin preparation for harvest and the time to start gathering fuel for the winter fires – perhaps an astute observation!    But I believe there is a strong message here about change in and of itself.

Astronomically the earth is changing its position to the sun, shifting the axis, and renewing the path of the orbit. 

I would suggest that we are subject to like alterations as well.    It may not be by sheer coincidence that the events come at a time when the moon is dark, or that in such darkness man is, in a sense, blind to the view of the material realm.

One might suppose there is a greater plan at work, perhaps suggesting that as one cannot see outwardly in the dark, one should instead attempt to look inwardly.

As summer turn toward autumn, we are each spurred to adjust our lives – change of habit, wardrobe, and of actions – weather conditions dictate such change, but what of the deeper concept of change?

Perhaps, if we do turn our vision inwardly and review our inner selves, we may also see avenues for change.    If upon review, we recognize things about ourselves or our situation which could be advanced by some alteration or change, would such change be beneficial– I would bet on it!

To take a deeper look at the direction or course of change affecting your life, please give me a call –  As always, it is my pleasure to serve as a guide striving to assist you – on your personal journey!

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Through Life by design,

Robert St Cloud

Open Blog-1

Open Blog


I have, on occasion, attempted to explain, in simple terms, how all this works  – Think about a rubber band, it is circular it does not have a beginning, or an end  – it follows its’ own predetermined path, that is, provided nothing is done to affect, or alter that course!

Here is the miraculous aspect, if you pull, twist, or stretch, the path of the rubber band, it will upon release, return to its natural form.  If force is used, if tension is created, then the action of returning to the natural path, can take a volatile form, seem violent, or disruptive!

However, consider – Did nature, the natural order, some greater power cause, the twist, the stretch, the pull, or did you!

Free choice, in and of its’ own aspect, is the ability to re-shape, or alter the pre-set course of this journey we call life, but eventually the forces, those attributed to determining  destiny, will not be denied – thus the rubber band will, once released from external control, return to the natural, non-resistant path, but you must let this happen, not attempt to control it!