Lesson 1 – We are All Subject to Influence

So our journey begins!   There is much now to think about, to contemplate, and some reinterpretation of the commonly propagated dogma, those which influences our basic behaviors.

Consider, what your response would be, to someone telling you that everything you believe in – was based on conjured-up stories, creative fables designed to serve as tools for maintaining social order.

Faced with such a dilemma, the first thing you might contemplate, is how you would get a tribe of peoples to play nice together, remembering that nobody likes the guy who makes up the rules, especially those, that others disagree with!

So, in an effort to gain control, one might spin a tale, the kind where the rule maker, an Omni-potentate Deity – was beyond reproach, out of reach, difficult to communicate with, but needed the people to hear those rules.    All of which suggests a need for making someone a preferred messenger – ever wonder how we came-up with Rulers, Kings, and Chiefs?

There are many stories of Divinity and creation – every culture seems to have at least one, and interestingly, if you compare them, there is a thread of similarity running through those different stories, some that can not be overlooked.

But we need not dwell on things you likely already know, besides I’m here to share a whole different consideration, a different dogma if you will – or is it?

It is told that very long ago, further back than history can recall – when Man was very young, unskilled, and unevolved – the world was a seemingly different place.   In that time, all the creatures had a shared consciousness, and could communicate in a like manner.   

Enter Man, a species driven by self-preservation, emotion, and endowed with a voice, and an ego. Man, thinking himself as somewhat unique, sought to rise above all of the others, to surpass and dominate, and so, in his pursuit, became corrupted, therein losing the ability to interrelate with the collective consciousness.

Before you scoff, think for a moment, have you ever heard someone talk about the ancient language of the birds, or heard the story of Adam and Eve before they were sent out of the Garden of Eden?     I’ll bet you have, and I will also bet you dismissed them as just stories, but what if there are actual truths behind those stories, small details, subjective options – the kind which could completely alter our perspective on the world around us?

For the sake of the uniformed, we address the question “What, exactly, is Arcana?”

Conceptually, the System Arcana is a bit more than just a philosophical practice or way of behaving.   

The system encompasses the whole of being, providing a tool to aid us in seeing past our emotions and ego.    The tool comes to us as the Tarot, or Arcanum – a simple, although artistic, deck of cards.     Well, perhaps not so simple!

The Tarot, a name handed down from some point in the early iron-age, refers to a series of images assembled in-kind to what we know today as a deck of common playing cards.     It is most important to understand that when applied in the proper manner, and in the right hands, the Tarot is a powerful tool of divination or prediction.     

Although Tarot has been associated with a great deal of poor speculation regarding occultism, magic, and the mystical arts, it is important to understand that there really is nothing here which is magical, although at times a bit mystical.      So, perhaps there is another truth, one you haven’t heard before!

I would offer a conceptual, for each to consider!    From the day you were born, you have been told – where to go, what to do, how to behave, and what is TRUTH, and what is fabricated.     To that, I will infer, what is good, and what is evil!

The question here is, what really defines Truth?     Is truth a factor subjective to one individual’s desire to gain unwavering allegiance from others, those whom appear uninformed?     Is truth only substantiated by the fact that it has not been challenged, or directly proven incorrect, and when was the last time You questioned the Truths, which you have been given?     

What if I told you, that most truths are fabricated, presented solely to support specific agendas, or utilized to sequester considerations which do not support a specific agendas – would you take time to reconsider what you think, what you believe to be True?

The First Lesson … “All are subject to influence, and conditioning”.

At this point, we are ready to move-on, and in preparation for Lesson – 2 , you are offered this to think about … I opened with a question, so why not close that way  –  Who, or Whom invented the first computer?    

Your answer might be little Billy Gates, or Steve Jobs – understandable.     You might have suggested Babbage, or Di Vinci – a good answer, or you might have even suggested Copernicus, or Galileo.      But honestly, those may all be plagiarizers, as it is suggested they stole the concept!

The answer to that question, can be discovered in Lesson – 2.

Remember, You can Live Life By Design!

Until Next Time

St. Cloud