Lesson 2 – You only think you are unique.

The Arcanum, or Tarot System (card deck) is best defined in today’s terms as the world’s oldest computer.

In a direct likeness to the early computers, the cards in and of themselves are simply a representation of commonly accepted variables.    The images reflect on basic human behaviors and those natures generally shared by all people.

Another way to explain this is to consider the idea that in any given situation the average individual will instinctively behave in one of several predicable ways.     A most interesting study was done at the academic institutional level, some 100 year ago, which presented a group of people, from varying backgrounds, age, and gender with a simple – action/reaction test.

Each of the candidates were asked to stand at the center of a poorly lighted room, and from the shadows, someone threw a big red rubber ball – right at them.     The premise of the test was to determine the natural behavior, or response, and all variations therein associated, when each person was presented with the unexpected.

After thousands of trials, the researcher’s concluded that there were essentially, only four common variations, as such, which could be attributed to basic human nature.   

The first – to take cover (duck/cower/ avoid),  The Second – to strike at (bat-a-way/ deflect),  The Third – catch the ball ,  The Fourth response – Do Nothing (be a victim/absorb the blow/simply not participate)!     So, what is the point?    Well, simply put, you are just 1 in 4, thus fairly common – the question is, do you know which one you are?

It is in understanding these predicable behaviors that we can discover the key which allows for the prediction of action to a yet unknown experience.   

If a person is naturally assertive, in contrast to being naturally timid, it is then understandable that when confronted with a given circumstance or catalyst we can anticipate how that individual will react.    The premise here, and I dare to speculate just a bit, is that the various cards, separated into groups, or classifications, represent the nature of circumstance, and behaviors – those which are considered to be the most common elements of life, and conscious action.

Once accepted, the factors of lessons 1 & 2 prepare the applier of the Tarot to see and recognize the basic nature of the Querent/Questioner.     In the reading of Tarot, the first issue (card) exposed, is called the Significator, or in common narrative, the Identifier – representing the individual’s basic nature!

Moving forward, your ready for Lesson -3 ” Your Ego – friend or foe”

Remember, you can Live Life by Design, and always, with Eyes Wide Open!

Until next time!

St Cloud