Lesson 3 – The Ego Friend or Foe?

In this exercise of observation, one turns one’s attention inward.   

Every person is instilled with an ego, a defense mechanism which exist to help us face adversity, the ego drives us to be brave, bold, confident, because the Ego does not want “self” to be seen as weak, incapable, inadequate – it’s a status thing, the measure amongst peers.   

However, Ego also drives our need for acknowledgement, entitlement, and greed – actions which support that measure of status, yet also tend to motivate people to be selfish, petty, cruel, and terribly inconsiderate of others!    

The importance of this understanding is essential, in both understanding yourself, and even more important in evaluating the messages contained in a Tarot spread, as often the issues which face the Querent/Questioner are direct results of the Ego controlling decisions!

Through the utilization of this tool called Tarot, one implements the practice of viewing life by way of unobscured perception, what I call seeing with “Eyes Wide Open”.    The essence of the idea is a way of keeping the whole of the world, and the circumstance around us, in relevant perspective.    

A practical example would come as such, “Before you judge another, first walk a mile in that person’s moccasins”, a bit corny, yet profound.     Basically, the lesson is to remember, that judging a situation based on your own experience, or beliefs, is generally ill-advised.

At the forefront of trying to understand how, or why, another person was altered, or motivated by any specific situation, the Reader must set aside, personal feelings, assumed value placement, and ego factors, as these are not those of the Querent/Questioner, and to overlook this will only lead to confusion.    

One must understand, and give recognition, that we all walk a personal path through life, and although we are at times, vary alike, not everyone has your experience, your strengths, or your insights, don’t let your ego, or sense of superiority cloud your perception of others.

The Arcana works by the idea that we see any situation from all points of view – our own, as well as from the perspective of the others involved in that situation.

Hence, lesson three … “Your ego is not who you are, and is not your friend” – it is a valued tool for preservation, but proves a poor guide when measuring, fairness, and propriety.

Living Life by Design,

St Cloud