Lesson 4 – Expanding Perspective!

Providing Clarity

As we move forward, the path will take you to the instruments which allow one to implement in real terms, and truly put into practice, all which has come before.    However, before we open the next chapter and begin to address the rigors of conscious interpretation, there needs to occur a bit of tidying-up, some removal of unnecessary clutter if you will – on this, I insist.

As you may have already discovered, much effort has been made throughout history, by many learned individuals, to explain and define the tarot.    Many books, studies, and treatises have been written, regarding both the theory and processes surrounding the art of reading the Tarot.

First let’s address the name itself – just a matter of perspective.

The name Tarot is a modern application, derived from a name given to the ancient goddess, Taurt (pronounced Tah Urt), dating back to pre-Babylonian times – held as most sacred among the Egyptian holy deities, the Stellar goddess is attributed as being the Mother of all the Egyptian Gods – Atum, Amen, Ptah, Osiris, Anubis and Thoth; and, as such, ultimately the original teacher, as all mothers are, and therein, the origin for the rules of natural conduct regarding life.    

Even in the Christian Bible’s Old Testament, which coincidently is believed to have been based on the Hebrew book of Torah, we can find reference.     What is not commonly known or readily admitted, however, is that the Jewish Torah is itself based upon the Aryan Taroth – which preceded it.     In fact, the associated words Taroth, Torah and  Tarot come from the same root, meaning “way” or “law.”

For the sake of propriety and perception, the proper name for the instruments of Arcana is “The Arcanum” or book of the Arcana.

In this somewhat persnickety perspective on correctness is a greater point, as it also exposes a simple truth:   For many millennia those of great power have coveted the knowledge, practice, and execution of the Arcana System for their own benefit, ultimately even out-lawing it, so to deprive the common individual the ability to truly access its benefits.   

The devoted, not to be denied – disguised it, shrouded it, and masked it, and at great risk, kept it safe, and thus allowing us to know it today!

Next, we’ll, address the many, and I emphasize many, texts written on the use of the Tarot – same story – differing perspectives.    

The various works on Tarot often contain some small interpretive conflicts regarding the meanings or values associated with the cards or images – a result of personal and ego based perceptions.     That being said, it might serve well to keep your own consul, remembering to always draw upon your own conclusions, as any suggested absolutes in this area are generally based upon individual concepts, and may be subjective, or just self-serving!   

Alterations in perspective, are often brought about in the desire to be different, or unique in content, and context to avoid plagiarizing the works of others.    Let common sense be you guide!

The concept of living life “with eyes wide open”, encompasses, not just the visual, but also, the conceptual – what you believe, can skew how you perceive or evaluate that which is presented!     In pursuing a path towards becoming both a more focused person, and a neutral advisor/reader, it is important to place any preconceived notions, or personal judgments on-hold, kept to the reserve, or resource areas of your thought process.   

RIGHT, that statement is more confusing then the new tax code, but only because, you have  not yet experienced the freedom of thought, such discipline can offer – once achieved, understanding will be almost instinctual, explaining the same – well good luck!

I offer this exercise as the key to understanding:    Simply put, if one places each of the exampled perspectives, presented in the following analogy,  on any given object, or scenario, the perception which is imparted can take vary interesting twists.     To understand the act of seeing from many perspective, and altered perceptions, one may reflect on a common analogy to assist in clarifying things.   

let’s consider the knife.     It has many purposes – in the kitchen it is an appliance used in the preparation of food;  in the shop it is a tool for cutting, shaping, or separating,  as a theatrical prop or competitive devise, it may present as recreational, or entertaining,  but in battle, it is a weapon, dangerous – intimidating!    However, at all times and in all circumstance, it is still a knife and we instantly recognize it as such, but depending upon the circumstance in which we see the knife determines how we “perceive” it.

The greater, or more subjective point, well I guess it is to encourage thinking from another’s perspective, and/or angle of perception!    The importance of this, comes most often in the initial practice of reading the Arcanum/Tarot, but plays out in our personal lives as well.    

Remember the walking in another’s shoes analogy, here the act is performed in the mind – thought, and interpretation are expanded, and reconsideration is a common out-come!

In an earlier lesson, the subject of individual paths, and experiences was addressed, these factors surface here, once more.   

The Knife analogy stands again as our example:  if you have ever been threatened by a knife; used a knife to intimidate, or wound, or just cut yourself while using a knife – you are conditioned to hold certain perceptions regarding knives.   

However, if none of these have been experienced, and if suddenly circumstances changed, what might the impact be?    Faced with unfamiliarity, would the newly formed perceptions be biased, and would the emotional influences be as varied, as is the character or nature of the individual, most assuredly!

It is the Reader’s job; to recognize these aspects, and influences, assist the Querent in recognizing how they may impact choice, and what choices might exist!    However, always maintaining neutrality, as it not for the Reader to provide answers, but to aid the Querent in arriving at the most productive conclusion on their own!

Until next time,

Living Life by Design

St. Cloud