Lesson-5 … “Limits or Limitations”

From the on-set of a Quest to understand and implement the Arcanum/Tarot, one must employ personal discipline, broad observations, and flexible perspective.    Now, we add another element – expanded perception  – how something is seen in the eyes of one, may vary dramatically from an-other’s point of observation.

The Title of this lesson “Limits or Limitation” is not literal as to defining a term, it speaks more to semantics, and understanding the intuitive relationship!

More often than not, the Querent/Questioner, is seeking immediate answers to pressing issues of their life.    Just as often, they are seeking absolutes and/or guarantees that what they desire will come to fruition.  RULE …. No reader can, or should, ever attempt to provide such absolutes or guarantees  – set good boundaries.

That said, let me set things up properly so as not to cause confusion.  There are Limitations to what a Tarot Reader can provide – at least with any kind of honesty, or ethical consideration!   There should be no limits upon the depth a reader may pursue to uncover truth or insight, given the Querent’s permission to do so!

However, it may not seem as such to many, and some may argue that there is no semantic difference, but just as there is difference between Perspective and Perception, there is difference in the words Limit and Limitation – in both cases, one can be construed as a way of approaching, the other a way of receiving – think about it.

This consideration is relevant with regard to the position, or disposition, of the Tarot as it is laid-out – here the terms Resistance, and Obstacle are used.    When a card appears right-side up, it attributes ownership of power, but, when the card appears up-side down, it suggests power attributed to external forces – offering a distinction of … “we create resistance, external forces cause obstacles”.

Following, in like manner, there are many limitations imposed upon us all, and in exercising Free Choice, those limitations need to be considered.  The difference between Limits and Limitations in the Arcana world is simply that the individual sets limits, society sets limitations – the point being that with options and possibilities, there never should be Limits!

As this is not the first time I have attempted to pass along this bit of insight, and in anticipation of the “shrugs, gasps, and wicked gazes” allow me to bring the philosophy home …

Once there was a man, a person driven to inform, enlighten, and teach.    One day, this man called out to all who might hear – come gather, as I have such great wonders to share with you, one, and all!    They came, in pairs, in groups, in caravans, and in crowed formation they gathered – and waited!

It was not long before the crowd stirred – is there no food, no wine, or water to sup, they cried out!     The man, hearing the discourse, and not wanting such trivial issues to create an obstacle to his wondrous offering, he put out yet another call – gather unto this place, all that can be collected – from each as they are able.    Time passed – the crowd stirred!

When all that could be found, was assembled, it measured but a few fish, some meager loaves of bread, and one flask of wine.    This out-come caused some concerns among the close nit, as there was insufficient supplies to serve all who gathered, but the man, the enlightened man, was undaunted!

In peace come forward he called, and as they did – each was served “Fish, Bread, and Wine”, for we are told that this man, this enlightened man, knew no limit to possibility, and held to no limitations upon faith!    You may recognize the story, it is after all, attributed to being one of the great Miracles ever known – in all of man’s history.  Is it possible, and I mean no disrespect, that Miracles are just action, or gestures pursued absent of being bound by limits, or limitations?  You decide!

A truly enlightened person will exercise great caution when suggesting that any outcome is impossible, as that individual would, in so doing, establish a  preordained limit, or barrier, to any potential – remember there are no absolutes – positive or negative.

Well, we have come this far!    I know that there is now much for the student, and even the practitioner, to contemplate.  This essentially is the end of the general lesson section, at least for now. 

From this point forward, the method takes a different direction, instruction yields, to analysis, interpretation, Intuition –  learning to read between the lines! 

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The Legend of Constantine Ober

Now, take a breath and prepare for some lite entertainment!  

As a youth, and prior to my gaining instruction in the Arcana and Tarot cards, I was first required to read what is best defined as a poem or limerick.

The instruction was simple – read it, absorb it, and ponder on it.  Now, being a curious type, and attempting to be a diligent student, I did, as I was told.

For the record, I was not known for being a diligent student, but will attempt to be a good mentor.   So in that guise, read, absorb, and ponder upon, that same simple poem.   

Be yourself a diligent student, and read this with a curious mindset.  I suggest reading it several times, as you may find that with each reading, deeper understanding will arise.

So, I offer to you the Legend of Obér, a tale of understanding, an insight into how one might come to a certain realizations, regarding the interweaving of this thing we call life, and the associated manifestation of destiny.

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Until Next time – stay Eyes wide Open!

St. Cloud

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