Ober’s Rules- Defined

Rule #2… All things are in motion

Obér states that all things held within the physical plane are in constant motion, even
when you are at perfect stillness – does not your blood still course through your veins
and air still flow into your lungs – is this not in and of itself motion?

That which is set into motion, may be diverted or redirected, but will stay in motion, attempting to stop
or contain that which is following a definitive course will result in chaos.

Energy is the essence of life – we are the generators!

We give credence to the essence of the life force as being comprised of energy.   In the
human form, it is identified as bio-electrical current.

We recognize the neurological aspects of ourselves – muscle control, heart rate, thought processes, and physical
sensations – to this unseen flow of energy.    Science reveals that all things within the physical realm are in a constant state of vibration, from the smallest atom which is held together by multiple objects moving about each other, at such a pace and distance as to create attraction (Gravity on a Micro-plane).   Like the Earth, which through its constant spinning and rotation, causes the condition or force we refer to as gravity.

Think for a moment what consequence would be experienced if the Earth suddenly stopped spinning.   With no gravity, would the water drift away in to space, along with the atmosphere we breathe?    Would terra firma begin to crumble and pull apart, causing the demise of all the living entities?

Ancient oriental philosophers call the life force Chi, and believe that through the exercise of certain disciplines we can control this Chi. 

If the Chi is as much within each of us, then we might also accept that it is also outside each of us, pulling upon us at all
times.    We can decide to work in harmony with these forces or choose to struggle against them.  But like the Earth, if we attempt to simply stop the flow of this energy, would we in-turn experience a condition of pure chaos?

Each of us sets into play a course of motion which begins at birth.    Like a ball being thrown, it will travel the distance according to the level of momentum generated by the force of propulsion applied.  The path of trajectory is subject to variation, depending upon external forces or influences encountered while in motion.    If stopped, the ball will
react to the greater forces at work (like gravity) and at this moment conclude its forward momentum.

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