Ober’s Rules- Defined

Rule #3… All that is required is provided

Obér maintains that if you follow the course of least resistance, which is not to suggest a trouble-free journey, all that is needed to sustain both you and your efforts will be made available – to those who are open and without expectation.

Obér suggests looking not for apples in an olive orchard, or attempt to rely on a diet of seaweed and shellfish
on a mountaintop.    The first will leave you unfulfilled, the other, overburdened.  This concept is twofold – first you must have faith in faith, and secondly, that, in our emotional fervor, we not overlook what is truly available in the hopeful anticipation of that which is desired.

Open your eyes and truly see your environment!

Each and every minute of our life we make choices.  Circumstance, consequence and inspiration are the cause of these choices.  Learn to expand your perception.    Much of what is offered is subjective to understanding cause and effect.    It is also important to think in terms on the extended frame of events rather than in the now.

Suppose we have a decision to make – when to eat lunch, and whether to go now, later, or even at all, and should we go alone or invite company?  By the way, what should we eat – what are we in the mood for, are we eating out of need to quench hunger or is this just an emotional drive – a distraction from some uncomfortable condition?

The complexities of just one simple question is mind boggling. 

If we ask a computer, it would calculate all the variables, time management, existing responsibilities, social obligations, financial implications, physical and emotional fatigue levels, along with nutritional needs.    But then, you’re not a computer, and the time it would take to  program all the necessary data to form a computation, one could have instead allotted the time as an opportunity for an extended vacation!    What then do we have to consider?

Well, time available, travel distance, cost and accessibility to that which is desired, and of course, the real nature of the desire itself.    If we go now say for Italian cuisine, and we travel say ten minutes to the restaurant – allow twenty-five minutes to be seated,  order and wait to be served … add fifteen minutes to consume the meal, and another ten minutes to undertake the return trip, we would be arriving late if we only had an hour for lunch.

What if we still had Italian, but we selected delivery, say spaghetti with meatballs and salad, but the cost – including delivery, was more than we have allotted for our lunch, what then?    Well, maybe we should just skip lunch – we could grab something on the way home, right?

However, we could still opt for delivery.    Couldn’t we  compromise, and order just an affordable sandwich, but there is the delivery charge, and  a tip, maybe still too much.    Forget it, we really should be watching our weight, and missing one lunch won’t kill us.    Besides we were supposed to go down to Accounting for whatever reason.  We dislike having to go down there, but really shouldn’t put off doing it just because it’s bound to be an unpleasant experience.

So, your choice made, off you go to Accounting.    Upon arrival, you discover it’s someone’s birthday and they sent out for pizza!  Better yet, they offer you some while you’re filling out the paper work!    Who could have guessed?

If only you had faith in faith!  

Ober’s Rules-#4….