Ober’s Rules- Defined

Rule #4… The greatest gift we ever receive is our self

Obér teaches us that we are the greatest gift that the universe will ever bestow upon us.   Sadly, it is also our greatest burden.   In all that there is, there is balance, as we are blessed with rational thinking, we are cursed with emotions which confuse.

Always, always, keep in mind that being alive, existing in a physical plane is something to be treasured – for in our outward or celestial body we have no senses, not taste, smell or touch. In our Celestial conscience, there exists no aspect of emotion or feeling – no pleasure, pain, joy or sorrow.   These are the things of living on a material plane, and should be welcomed for it is our destiny to experience and evolve.

You’re alive, so take advantage of the opportunity!

Imagine all the things, people and events which have occurred in your life, which you have in the past, or will in the future, take pleasure in! What if none of this had ever happened?

If you are a true friend, a lover, mate, parent or child of a still living parent, then your non-existence would suggest that those people whose lives you affect and effect would have known a much different path. In the case of being a parent, think of the consequences. If you had not been born, then neither would the children! The point is all too obvious – you, by the simple act of existing, can and do influence positive outcomes. It may seem only superficial to you, but your inspiration may be or has been the turning point in the life of another.   If you ever made the big play, solved the big problem, or maybe just happened to give reassurance to a lost soul, whose destiny, by the way, is to cure cancer or save multiple lives in a moment of action, then chances are the win would have been a loss, the problem would have escalated to cause devastating effects, and that lost soul would have given up never achieving their destiny – all because you were not there to influence a chain or chains of events.   Remember lessons one, two and three – you in fact are part of the ongoing maintenance of the greater cycle, your constant motion is part of the overall momentum of humanity and just possibly – you are that which is provided in order to fulfill someone else’s need.

Make a conscious and focused effort to redefine yourself.

Try to embrace the idea that you are an intricate player in the game of life. Work under the provision that you have a special Mission One, which is to remain top secret. Your mission objective is unknown, but will be made clear to you by a contact person, who is also unknown, but will reveal himself or herself to you by demonstrating a need that is specific to your abilities. Be observant and see how long it takes for you to find and complete your mission. Of course, you may, and probably do, have more than just one mission!

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