Ober’s Rules- Defined

Rule #5…We are each responsible for our self

Obér offers this observation: the forces of nature may seem beyond our grasp of control, but our lives however are another thing.  

Each of us can, through the use of all our senses, truly take control over the circumstances of our life – remember the lesson of the cycle.   Each cycle begins with an idea or thought, to this we assign an emotion, positive or negative, and that emotion will spur an action or inaction.   This inevitably will, in time, carry us to that which is the natural conclusion.   Once there, we will see the fruit, which has grown from the seeds we have sewn.

Life is filled with experiences – some positive, some negative.    How you are influenced by these experiences is of your choosing.    Use your reason, weigh it against the balance of lessons and experiences you have mastered and proceed with confidence.

“Don’t blame others for the flaws in your own life”

Remember, being Responsible means, taking ownership for your actions, but also remember the old adage, when life gives you lemons make lemonade?

It is easy to adopt an attitude that you are being unfairly treated by life in general, likewise it is just as easy to transfer blame for your misfortune on to others rather than take responsibility for your own dilemmas in life. Keep in mind the points contained in lesson one through four – you are in motion and you have a purpose. If things are not going the way you feel they should it is because you have chosen to alter the direction or course which would have lead you to the natural progression of that mission. You must remind yourself that even though you have strayed from the more positive or fulfilling course of travel, you still have the power and ability to alter your course and strive to regain lost ground. Reflect upon the first aspects offered in the lesson guide, patterns continue to play an intricate role in your ongoing success or failure. These instilled methods of behavior are generally followed with little or no thought, but in a majority of case studies the method and patterns demonstrated are most often not the ones we would like to have followed.

Too often we allow others to convince us that where we are, is where we should be, and unfortunately, we tend to accept this as fact, it is not! The point of the lesson is to continue to maintain our focus, we must learn to take thoughtful, logical and desirable control over the cycles of our lives! Cause and effect are the essence of that which we reap, your own action or attitudes are the true culprits. Others are themselves busily following their own paths. The influences you perceive to do you harm, or which seem to cause obstacles, are simply subject to how you respond to them. No one is responsible for someone else’s happiness or sense of success, we each must achieve this ourselves, and it is our path, our journey and our choice to make!

Investigate what is occurring which is perceived as negative.

Take a few moments to reflect back – Be Responsible, recall the actions or choices you implemented, and then identify that point where events changed the path you now travel. You may surprise yourself by what you find!


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