Rozlyn Reynolds

   Intuitive Readings * Healing Energy Work.

A lifelong psychic, Roz is clairvoyant, clairaudient, clairsentient and clairalient and has been providing valuable client information doing readings for over 40 years for personal and corporate clients. Rozlyn’s other professional services include medium-ship, animal communication, energetic clearing, healing and balancing utilizing crystals to facilitate both touch and distance healing energy work, intuition development mentoring and classes. In addition, Roz also does intuitive spiritual counseling and coaching to teach and facilitate visualization and manifestation for goal accomplishment.Roz offers basic tips and suggestions or mentor training. As a psychometrist Roz is very sensitive to earth energy magnetic and electrical fields and vortex energies ~ Sedona offers amazing learning opportunities to increase sensitivity just by learning to “feel” the earth and its effects.
Readings * Spiritual Coaching * Clearing * balancing * Healing energy work * Paranormal Investigations * Land/building analysis * Remote Viewing * Psychometry. Call Sedona Soul Sister’s Metaphysical Center at 928-282-2243

  Ivory LaNoue

    Intuitive Reading * Angelic Guide - Messenger 

Ivory LaNoue, known as Ivory Angelic, is a medium, intuitive (psychic), energy healer, and spiritual counselor. She is a long time central Arizona resident with an abiding love for the beauty and variety of the state. Since 1996, Ivory has been a professional psychic, and mentored with Susanne Wilson, the Carefree Medium, for mediumship. She studied Gigong with Jan Kennedy, PhD in 1999 and has been giving profound energy healings since then. She is currently working on her PhD in clinical hypnotherapy. The root of Ivory’s journey to her mission was seeing angels and spirit from a very young age. They have appeared to her and spoken with her since she was age 2. In 1986, Ivory had a profound spiritual awakening, which set her on an intense spiritual journey which continues to this day. Her background is in the field of mental health. She managed the mental health program for Yavapai County, and spent 18 years working with low-income and homeless persons. Before she entered the field of mental health, she worked in radio. She hosted an entertainment talk show which won high awards with the Associated Press, and was awarded an honorary Purple Heart for her service to veterans, via her talk show. Ivory is currently the host of two radio shows on www.BlogTalkRadio. One is a spirituality show called Ivory Angelic, the other is a support show called Your Life Matters. Both are part of the Journey into the Light network on BTR
* Spiritual Counseling * Angel Card Reading * Reiki or Qigong Healing * Psychometry * Energy Clearing-Smudging * Medium-ship. Call-Sedona Soul Sister’s Metaphysical Center at 928-282-2243

   Harmony Sedona

     Multi-Dimensional Healing * Spiritual Mentoring

As a channel for Divine Love and Potential, Harmony has a passion for helping people who are ready to play BIG - bring their dreams; visions, ideas, into the light. Over the past 20 years she has helped thousands build a strong self-image and feel more comfortable with their inner journey and external expression as trailblazers, visionaries, messengers and change agents. Her transformative process is spiritual and intuitive, yet grounded in tangible results. She consistently helps her clients energetically move quickly from the impossible to the possible as they dissolve the barriers of separation and start to “play” in a place of knowing and 100% certainty - confident in their own wisdom and knowing. Each session is customized by the “Me-We-They” for what each individual specifically needs in that moment. In addition to Harmony having an all access pass to universal wisdom and truth, she is also Clairaudient, Clairsentient and Clair-cognizant.
Abundance & Mindset Coaching * Multi-Dimensional Healing * Intuitive Business Development * Spiritual Mentoring * Soul Writing. Call Sedona Soul Sister’s Metaphysical Center at 928-282-2243

   Julie Hall

     Reiki Master & Guide

Julie Hall – Reiki Master For sixteen years, Julie Hall has been a student, a teacher, practitioner and facilitator of the healing arts. She is a Kundalini Reiki Master, Karuna Reiki Master, and Traditional Usui Reiki Master/Teacher. Julie dedicated her time studying with her teachers on how the human energy system works, and how reiki heals the cause not just the symptom. Julie is an empath, and an intuitive. She is clairaudient, clairsentient and clairalient. She is a facilitator of consciousness, change and transformation. Julie shifts people into a higher vibration of love to move and awaken them to remembering who they really are. Julie’s other services include animal/pet connection/healing, psychometry, energetic clearing for houses/land, long distance healing, faery card readings, energy readings, Reiki training and spiritual counseling. Julie guides her clients to work through lifelong blocks to create major shifts and breakthroughs.
Spiral Heart Reiki * Kundalini Reiki * Karuna Reiki, and Traditional Usui Reiki. Call – 928-282-2243 Sedona Soul Sister’s Metaphysical Center

   Donna O' Halloran

     Channel * Healer * Advisor

As a professional channel, psychic, medium and healer, I remain objective, non-judgmental and forthright. I serve as a channel and work with divine light.“ providing messages from your guardian angels and departed loved ones. Ask anything you like or simply listen. Donna is able to channel messages and read energy – Gifts she was born with, and enhanced through Study & Service! Attributed as being highly accurate. Donna gives information exactly as it is presented to her. In addition Donna also offers medical intuitive and energy healing!
A professional Channel, psychic, medium and healer. Offering advise on all life matters. Call – 928-282-2243 Sedona Soul Sister’s Metaphysical Center

   Robert ST. Cloud

     Sage Arcana * Tarot Master

Robert St. Cloud, is a life- long intuitive, a child of fate, origin unknown! A student of ancient methods, he calls upon the Arcana, the Sun, the Stars, and the Moon., Robert clarifies by stating he relies mostly upon interpreting the array of impressions he is shown from the people with which he is enjoined. Some would say Robert is an anomaly, blessed with a special gift whereas, Robert questions if he is blessed, or burdened, gifted, or cursed, he claims none, yet all, explaining, that this is what has always been. Robert suggests, that ultimately we are here to learn, to experience and to grow, each on our own journey to once again achieve oneness. Robert St Cloud truly believes it is his purpose to assist others on that journey!
Intuitive Guide * Choice Coach * System Instructor * Intuitive Advisor on Self; Travel, Activities, Relationships, Investment Options, Business Planning ... Also a Working Advisor for Quest Academy Students, and Practicing Psychics. A General Session runs 20 to 30 minutes - All Sessions are Billed in Advance - Gen: $50 per ..Extended (one hour) $90. all Sessions are By Appointment Only!
To schedule a session ... - or - visit Robert's site: