Moving forward,

Having set the discipline of self (Lessons 1-5), within proper perspective, one is ready to examine others, or at least those things which affect the commonalities we all share!   Hopefully, you followed the link at the bottom of Lesson-5, and have already read the Legend, if not, Please, do so Now!   The link below, will open in a new tab, so it will be easy to come back …

The Legend of Obér,

In attempting to interpret the Ober saga,  the  trick is two-fold.    First one must absorb the essence of the tale, define inferred influences, and circumstance.  Secondly, and simultaneously, identify the clue barring phrases, as these are the seeds of the rules, and are intertwined with the descriptive points of the tale.

When trying to unravel the secluded messages therein contained, which admittedly may seem a bit obscure, take heart, there is valid reason, as the legend serves as a tool, to challenge, and hone, your ability to read between the lines, and as such, I offer some direct examples of deciphering, or extracting the clues.   So, let’s get elemental …

Interpreting of the Legend of Constantine Obér


The tale of Constantine Obér has been handed down by word of mouth through countless generations, with little or no written record existing today.  Obér is said to have been born sometime in the autumn months of the fourth century, being BC or AD is unknown.  Upon reflection, and not entirely relevant – societal conditions were similar in both time frames, but the clue lays in knowing what those social, and environmental conditions were!

1st Clue:  Ober was said to be a sickly infant  – From this one might extract:  how circumstance forced interaction, spurred observation, and implied dependence, which in-turn set a path, in essence a course not chosen, but accepted.

2nd Clue: Thought to have little chance of survival, given up  – Consider the circumstance surrounding the actions, as it demonstrates the rules – that what is due must be paid, commitments need to be honored, value is in the eye of the beholder, and that which is unknown should not be assumed – where limits are imposed, possibility is implied.

3rd Clue:  Tressra, a reclusive healer woman of the North – First we gain a point of origin ~ North, each journey begins with a first step, to duplicate that journey, it helps to know where that step was taken.    In addition, one is given clue to a presiding perspective ~ reclusive, not of the common, not known for random interaction  – and to that, add, passive evidence of external forces at work ~ something spurred a recluse to mingle!

4th Clue: For Tressra, healing and knowledge of herbs and roots was her currency – From here we can extract ~The need for harmony with Nature, and understanding of Society –  she bartered and traded for their needs ~ the need for interaction, reliability, and adaptation – requiring many weeks of travel each year  ~ denoting a timeline – in order to both gather her staples and barter her services ~ suggesting the presence of purpose, in contrast to  acts of mindless meandering.

5th Clue:  Tressra believed that the Empress of the Fates,  had given Obér the gift of insightwhat obviously is implied here, is an acknowledgement of divine source, and the existence of special attributes – subtle but effective!

Hopefully, these five examples, will serve to aid as the quest continues.   Be assured, there are a number of additional clues intertwined within the legend’s body … The question is, are you intuitive enough to find them?

So, why engage, what is the purpose of  this exercise, why do you need to do this?

 The question, provides its own answer, it is in-fact, an exercise, it requires that you engage, its purpose is to challenge your ability to alter your perspective, open  your perception, tickle your intuitive nature (Yes – even you have one!), all skills which will be needed, at their best, when you begin to read the Arcanum!

Because you have been so attentive, I will offer one more, somewhat broad interpretation:

In the legend of Obér, his whole world was, in essence, Arcana.  One world made up of many different influences and cultures – a world he was able to easily define.  By Obér’s standards, life was but a journey – an undertaking comprised of learning and experiencing – a destined path, one that would surely culminate in eventual enlightenment – a journey for its own sake, a quest to understand, to be made aware.

Go back, read the Legend of Ober again, be a good student, write down the clues you discover.

The next step is to address the rules of living … every culture has some, some have many – the number 10 is common!

Note:  Compare you discovered clues, against the key-word elements as they apply to the associated Rules of Living.

Follow the link below ….

Ober’s Rules to Living ….